South African youths leave for France on volunteer exchange

The National Youth Development Agency and the Agence du service civique of France have launched a South Africa – France youth exchange programme.

Ambassador Lapouge speaking at the farewell lunch for the young South Africans. Download his speach here.

This exchange Programme will entail 10 South African youths already involved in community service travelling to France for six months and 10 French volunteers who will travel to South Africa from July 2012.

This programme builds on an existing partnership between the Western Cape Province and the Region of Bourgogne, which was entered into in the year 2000 and which is based on cooperation projects in the field of youth training, wine making, hospitality and tourism.

Ambassador Lapouge offering the young South Africans advice before they depart for France.

South African volunteers were recruited by Lovelife, South Africa’s largest national HIV prevention initiative for young people. Their work in France will focus on social work, non-formal education, cultural and after school activities. They will be welcomed by CEMEA Bourgogne, the implementing structure of this exchange in France and hosted by various organisations (Youth centres, cultural centres) based in or around Dijon.

During their stay in France, the 10 South African volunteers will receive a monthly allowance from the Agence du Service Civique and their health insurance will also be covered. They will have the opportunity to visit the region as well as to go and visit Paris. But most importantly, they will have opportunity to learn new skills.

publie le 22/07/2014

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