St Helena - Signature of a tripartite agreement [fr]

A tripartite agreement between the French Ministry of foreign affairs and international development, the Government of St Helena and the Fondation Napoléon was signed on 14 October, the day of the anniversary of the arrival of Napoleon off the coast of St Helena. About a hundred elected representatives and people on the island took part in this ceremony, at Longwood House, where Napoleon and most of his companions lived between 1815 and 1821. This house has recently been restored thanks to the funding from the Ministry and the international fund launched by the Fondation Napoléon.

This tripartite agreement, signed by Ambassador Mendelson, representative of the French Minister of Foreign affairs and international development, Mr Mark Capes, Governor of St Helena and Mr. Victor-André Masséna, President of the Fondation Napoleon aims to transfer the management of the National Domains of St Helena, the legal statute of which will stay the same, to a private-law foundation from St Helena, the Saint Helena Napoleonic Heritage Limited.

On 15 October, the bicentennial anniversary of Napoleon’s arrival on St Helena, a ceremony took place in the Valley of the Tomb. On this occasion, the British authorities deployed in St Helena two ships from the Royal Navy, the H.M.S. Lancaster frigate and the R.F.A. Gold Rover mothership. The British sailors paid tribute to Napoleon. The tomb where Napoleon’s body lay for almost twenty years was decorated with wreaths laid by the Ambassador, the Governor, the two captains of the ships and by M. Masséna.

The Governor offered a reception in the evening in the honour of the French delegation.

publie le 16/10/2015

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