Statement by the Spokesperson of the European Union External Action on Lesotho’s National Assembly elections held on 3rd June 2017

Bruxelles, 06/06/2017

The people of Lesotho voted for a new National Assembly on 3rd June 2017. As all the international observer missions have stated, the elections were organised in a professional and effective manner by Lesotho’s Independent Electoral Commission. The European Union, together with partner countries, deployed a 45 person EU Diplomatic Watch team on the day of the elections.

In accordance with the Electoral Pledge signed by all parties ahead of the elections, all stakeholders are expected to accept the announced election results. In case of any challenges, these should be pursued in accordance with Lesotho’s legal framework.

The people of Lesotho expressed their choice in a peaceful and orderly manner. In line with the reforms pledge signed by the parties, it’s crucial that those now elected come together and take collective responsibility to deliver on the promised and urgent reforms which are vital to enabling a more stable and democratic Lesotho that seeks prosperity through sustainable development.

As a long standing partner of Lesotho, and working in continuing close coordination with Basotho stakeholders, SADC and other international partners, the EU stands ready to support the efforts in taking forward the necessary and urgent reforms.

Source: European Union External Action

publie le 07/06/2017

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