Strategies for Change: Civil Society Organisations’ joint feedback, learning and reflection workshop

On 11 and 12 May 2017, the French Embassy in South Africa hosted a workshop entitled "Strategies for Change: Civil Society Organisations’ joint feedback, learning and reflection" following an evaluation of 11 projects, funded by the Civil Society Development Fund (CSDF) between 2014 and 2017.

The main objectives of the evaluation were to assess the results obtained by beneficiaries, to capture lessons learned from six case studies, to assess the management of the Civil Society Development Fund and to advise the French Embassy on future cooperation sectors.

An independent consultant visited all 11 projects and held interviews and focus group discussions with all projects between November 2016 and January 2017.

The projects:

  • African Diaspora Forum (ADF)
  • Lawyers for Human Rights
  • Lesidi la Batho
  • Lawyers Against Abuses
  • The Centre for Community Justice and Development
  • Freedom of Expression Institute
  • Gay & Lesbian Network (GLN)
  • Just Detention International South Africa/Lifeline Johannesburg
  • Open Democracy Advice Centre (ODAC)
  • Women’s Hope Education and Training Trust (WHEAT Trust)
  • Environmental Monitoring Group (EMG) in collaboration with the Association for Fairness in Trade (AFIT)

Most projects sought to improve access to justice and to promote the realisation of rights for women, LGBT, migrants and foreigners and other marginalised groups. They focused on one or more of the following work areas:

  • Raising awareness with, training of, or cooperating with the police and other local authorities
  • Cooperation with schools through awareness raising, training and/or longer term interventions
  • Cooperation with other civil society organisations with a complementary set of expertise
  • Cooperation directly with target groups through trainings, legal advice, raising awareness of rights etc.

Overall, the projects funded by the Civil Society Development Fund were very successful in achieving their goals and have a wealth of experience and knowledge about how to effect social change, how to overcome operational and strategic challenges and about how to work with a diversity of governmental and non-governmental partners.

In this context, the French Embassy invited all funded organisations to a feedback, reflection and joint learning workshop. The aims of the workshop were to provide feedback on the evaluation, and to offer an opportunity for the projects to exchange their experiences and ideas and to think together about strategies for social change. In this regard, the workshop was designed to be highly interactive and involved inputs from each project.

publie le 19/05/2017

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