Students from Ecole Boulle in SA [fr]

Design students from École Boulle were in Joburg for a collaboration with students from UJ Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture and Artist Proof Studio on a Design Thinking Workshop, on 3-6 November 2014.

Ambassador Barbier attended the public presentation of the student’s “pitch” on the final day of the workshop.

Students from Ecole Boulle in SA
Students from Ecole Boulle in SA
Students from Ecole Boulle in SA
Students from Ecole Boulle in SA

This project drives various groups of students to research and conceptualise an innovative and appropriate design solution to a contemporary social problem within a 1km radius of Maboneng’s GRIND Studio by exploring the surrounding area and utilising a variety of research techniques.

Excitingly, in this scenario, time may be used as a creative material and tool: the given time of the workshop implies that the students identify appropriate solutions/interventions which may be ‘lighter’, more temporary and possibly ‘poetic’ ways to approach the design process and its ability to deal with a social situation.

Through ideation/brainstorming – the students had to design a solution to a perceived problem – due to the open ended nature of the project, the final outcome could take any number forms: a bench, a flash mob, a poster campaign, a mural etc.

On 2 November 2014, they visited the Hector Peterson Museum and met with Antoinette, Hector’s sister, to whom they offered a frame picture taken during the state visit of French president Hollande in October 2013.

Find out more:
- on the IFAS website
- visit the Ecole Boulle’s website

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