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Why study in France?

France is one of the most attractive countries for international students. It ranks 5th among host countries, behind the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Germany (UNESCO 2020), making it the leading non-English speaking country. In 2019, 358,000 international students chose France and this number is constantly increasing.

Studying in France has many advantages. Tuition fees are much lower than in other countries. In addition, the French government offers a scholarship program for foreign students. In 2019, more than 10,000 French government scholarships for study or internship were awarded by embassies.

The scholarship program of the French Embassy in South Africa

Each year, a call for applications is open for South African students wishing to pursue studies in France at the master’s and doctoral level.

Candidates can find all the information they need and apply directly online:

Many programs offered in English

The French university system is becoming increasingly internationalized, with more than 1,500 programs taught 100% in English.

The "Taught in English" catalog, written by the Campus France agency , allows students wishing to continue their studies in French higher education to consult the various courses taught in English.

All disciplines are represented, and the courses offered in English range from bachelor’s degrees to doctorates.

The excellence of academic training

The quality of French academic training is recognized worldwide. The French higher education system is supported by a network of 3,500 public and private institutions, some of which rank highly in international rankings. 

Learning the French language.

Learning French is an asset for students, as it is the fifth most spoken language in the world with 300 million speakers. During their stay, foreign students in France can freely visit the European countries of the Schengen area, without having to apply for a new visa. Beyond these practical considerations, coming to study in France also means discovering France’s rich cultural heritage and its gastronomy.

Courses of study based on high-level research

France is second in the world for the number of Fields Medal winners, fourth in the world for Nobel prizes and fourth in the world for European patent applications. France also has several renowned researchers with whom those interested in pursuing a doctorate in France can be in contact throughout their studies.

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees programmes provide an integrated course and joint or multiple diplomas following study or research at two or more higher education institutions.

Most consortia require applications to be submitted between October and February, for course starting in 2016.

Erasmus+ Programme

Other scholarship opportunities are available under the Erasmus+ Programme, notably:

Studies (including at Master’s level)

Opportunities for staff

Interested individuals should contact their University or Higher Education Institution.
Doctoral Programmes, and additional doctoral fellowships, are also offered under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions.

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