Sustainable architecture for social housing in South Africa – research project of two students from the Lycée Jules Verne [fr]

Maylis Pillet and Josephine Hazard, Grade 12 students at the Lycée Jules Verne (French School) in Johannesburg, implemented a project on sustainable architecture for social housing in South Africa.

The TPE (Travaux Pratiques Encadrés) project is part of the curriculum for the Baccalaureate. It provides students with the opportunity to acquire teamwork and project management skills over a long period of time. Maylis and Josephine chose to take an interest in green architecture in South Africa.

The students specifically focused on RDP (Reconstruction and Development Programme) houses. With the help of different professionals and as a result of several site visits, they were able to familiarize themselves with the different concepts of the RDP houses today.

For the purpose of the project, Maylis and Josephine tried to assess how these buildings could be made more environmentally friendly whilst keeping the price of the individual houses as low as possible. They looked into innovative local solutions such as insulation made from recycled plastic bottles.

The students divided their analysis into four categories:

1. The physical structure of the house, with elements such as the roof overhang
2. The electrical consumption through the use of solar panels and energy efficient lights bulbs
3. The water consumption by incorporating water harvesting systems as well as the reutilization of water
4. A well thought-of garden

Maylis and Josephine found that the concept of an “Eco2 ”(ecologically and economically sound) house would be viable.
Considering that the standard RDP house is budgeted at about 110 000 ZAR per unit, the construction of an “Eco2 House” would cost approximately 12% more. However, the concept would allow saving 25% of the electricity consumption and 45% of the water consumption on the long term.

  • Read an article in The Star newspaper about their work here.
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