The Blue Ocean Awards will be online on May 11th, 2021

We are very proud to announce the 7th annual Blue Ocean Awards. For the very first time, with the French Ambassador in South Africa, Aurélien Lechevallier, we will present the Michelin International Mobility and Blue Ocean South African Awards.

This is more than a live-event, it is a showcase of the future champions of Value Innovation, directly inspired by Blue Ocean Strategy (creating and capturing uncontested market space, thereby making the competition irrelevant, by Professors W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne).

Prestigious speakers to address live
French Ambassador in South Africa Aurélien Lechevallier, Williams Randall Executive Mayor of City of Tshwane, Jacques Attali President of the Positive Planet Foundation, Renée Mauborgne co-director of the INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Institute and co-author of Blue Ocean Strategy, Lorraine Frega Executive Vice-President of the Michelin Group, Stanley Steenkamp CEO of Veolia South Africa, Philippe Oster Philippe Oster Director of International Affairs at HEC Paris Business School, and Gérard Wolf President of the MEDEF’s International “Sustainable City” Task Force, will speak during this exceptional day.

Participants can interact with the speakers by registering on:

A competition like no other: Winners funded within 3 years

In previous editions, the winners have experienced a strong acceleration in less than 6 months,"Over 7 years, 91% of Blue Ocean Awards winners have been financed within 6 months. In the 3 years following their victory, the winners’ valuations increased on average tenfold and up to 40 times." Alban Eral, founder of the Blue Ocean Awards.

Finalists of the 1st South African edition

  • South African founders: ATLM (Adaptive Traffic Light Management), Eco-Ba (Access to water everywhere without a grid), Smart Usage Utility System (Low-cost debt consolidation through AI), Blue Seed Organics (Water purification through waste recovery)
  • French founders: Kudoti (cost-effective waste recycling for brands), Edenmap (official address for all), Shopit (Grow your sales in informal markets), Katecgroup (access to education for isolated people at low cost)

“The French Embassy in South Africa is honored to support and host this very first international edition of the Blue Ocean Awards, a prestigious innovation competition initiated by INSEAD and HEC Paris. This edition is fully in line with our desire to support the development of South Africa’s innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem. It is also a great opportunity to bring our respective ecosystems closer together." Aurélien Lechevallier, French Ambassador in South Africa

Finalists of the Michelin Mobility International Award

  • Tarmac Technologies: elimination of air delays through operational efficiency on the ground
  • Edenmap: official address for all
  • Unseenlabs: protect the oceans by geolocating all the world’s ships from space
  • Alertgasoil: I manage in real time my fuel stock for my entire fleet (ground, air, sea, etc.) regardless of their energy and I eliminate fraud and waste
  • Action air Environnement: affordable targeted data to protect the environment
  • Transition one: I electrify my thermal vehicle simply and quickly
  • Tchek: indisputable recognition of vehicle damage
  • Velco: my electric 2-wheels more durable, secure and safe by becoming connected
  • Orbital sidekick (first US company finalist): daily hyperspectral monitoring of pipelines by satellite
  • Sun mobility: recharge of electric vehicles in one second, less expensive and more practical

“As a leader in the mobility sector, Michelin’s ambition is to constantly improve the mobility of its customers, sustainably and in an innovative way. This partnership is an opportunity for the group to be as close as possible to French and international companies that innovate in connected mobility services and to reward them. This is part of the group’s open innovation approach, in line with its desire to be a "data-driven company" and a major player in connected mobility." Lorraine Frega, Executive Vice President of the Michelin group

A live networking event that has nothing to envy to big tech events
Via the Igesia platform, all 50 finalists, numerous partners and participants will be able to network on virtual stands specially designed for an advanced networking experience.

Network and visit virtual stands “Value innovation" in the spotlight all day on May 11

It is indeed Value Innovation that allowed us to select the winners of the Blue Ocean Awards rewarded for having successfully followed the Blue Ocean Strategy defined by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne and to transform companies that are now international and that will bring their testimony, such as the Marvel studios.

A live event from the French Embassy in South Africa - Highlights of the 11th of May
Aurélien Lechevallier (French Ambassador in South Africa), Renée Mauborgne (Co-director, Strategy Professor, Co-author of Blue Ocean Strategy and Blue Ocean SHIFT), Jacques Attali (President of the Positive Planet Foundation), L. Frega (Executive Vice President, Michelin Group), S. Steenkamp (Veolia South Africa, CEO), P. Oster (HEC Paris, Director of International Affairs), I. Engelbrecht (Innovation Executive Director, City of Tshwane), P. Hoeblich (INSEAD Alumni, President), D. Busso (Forbes France, President)

Finalists: 4 winners of the Inter University Challenge by City of Tshwane

Finalists: 4 startups created by French founders from the Alumni HEC Paris and INSEAD


Aurélien Lechevallier (French Ambassador in South Africa), S. Steenkamp (Veolia South Africa, CEO), P. Krappie (Technology Innovation Agency, Acting CEO), P. Holl (The Innovation Hub, CEO), S. Nassiep (Eskom Research Testing and Development, Acting General Manager), Prof S. Maharaj (Chair: TuksNovation Board, Dean EBIT Faculty at UP), I. Engelbrecht (City of Tshwane, Innovation Executive Director), P. Hoeblich (INSEAD Alumni, President)

Aurélien Lechevallier (French Ambassador in South Africa), Williams Randall (Executive Mayor of City of Tshwane), I. Engelbrecht (City of Tshwane, Innovation Executive Director), S. Steenkamp (Veolia South Africa, CEO), M. Baffoe-Bonnie (Michelin South Africa, Managing director), P. Oster (HEC Paris, Director of International Affairs)

VIP Packs
Participants are proposed to book one of the 10 VIP packs, including 12 hours of "learning by doing" training-workshop to the Blue Ocean Strategy (9 and 10 May) and participation in the official panel to ask questions to the speakers and react live to conclude each of the sessions of the day (morning conferences and pitches by the winners during the 4 ceremonies).
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About the Blue Ocean Awards
The Blue Ocean Awards were created in 2014 by Alban Eral with the French Ministry for the Economy, Finance and Recovery and HEC Paris business school. The Blue Ocean Awards are the only event in the world rewarding companies that have followed a successful blue ocean strategy, which aims at creating and capturing uncontested market space far from the competition.

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