The Centre for Integrative Biology of Toulouse recruits new Post-docs

The Centre for Integrative Biology of Toulouse (CBI) launches its second “post-doctoral program” for the recruitment of outstanding post-doc fellows.

Deadline for application: May, 2, 2017


Founded in 2016, the Centre for Integrative Biology of Toulouse (CBI) is an institute regrouping five research centers in Biological Sciences of the University of Toulouse and the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS). It is located in Toulouse, South West of France, in the main Campus of the Université Toulouse III-Paul Sabatier, which offers a multidisciplinary education in the fields of science, health, engineering, and technology, developing one of the most important scientific research clusters in France. In 2018, CBI will benefit from a brand new building, in line with its expansion policy.

The CBI currently brings together more than 400 scientists in 40 research teams with worldwide recognition, aimed to foster research leading to the elucidation of fundamental aspects of the structure and function of complex biological systems, and covering all scales from individual molecules to the whole organism and population. Within a highly collaborative scientific environment, researchers have access to either in-house or nearby state-of-the art technological facilities, including photonic and electron microscopy, a computer cluster for large data analysis and simulation, animal facilities, deep sequencing and proteomics.

The CBI is seeking new talented post-doctoral fellows. Outstanding candidates, of any nationality, holding a PhD degree, or equivalent, are expected to develop competitive multidisciplinary research for a 2-year project, extendable to 3 years, addressing fundamental questions within the spectrum of CBI research fields, in an inspiring, collaborative and cutting-edge environment.

The 4 post-doc projects currently open to candidature are:

1) Gaelle Legube’s team: "DNA Double Strand Break repair in the context of chromatin"
2) Jérome Cavaillé’s team: “The biological functions of imprinted small noncoding RNA genes”
3) Magali Suzanne’s team: "Conservation of Apoptotic Force in Morphogenesis from Drosophila to Mouse”
4) Gachet-Tournier’s team: “Biophysics of mitosis”

Applications (in English) should be sent before May 2, 2017 to the team leader of the selected project and to Isabelle.Saves[at] It should include a cover letter, a CV and two reference letters.

Tentative calendar
Early-May: Preselection of candidates
Mid-May: Interview and seminar of preselected candidates
Late-May: Outcome of the selection process, for an expected beginning before October 2017


publie le 03/04/2017

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