The French and South Africa Navies cooperating in the Indian Ocean

Last week, the French Maritime Authorities raised an alarm regarding the safety of a South African owned yacht, the Dandelion, en route from the French Island of Mayotte to the Mozambican port of Pemba.

The French Navy shared its information with the South African Navy. The SAS Drakensberg, who was already conducting surveillance duties in the Mozambican Channel as part of Operation Copper, immediately commenced with a search for the missing yacht with the assistance of its embarked helicopter, supported a maritime patrol aircraft operated by EU Forces (ATALANTE).

This cooperation between the French and South African Armed Forces allowed for a quick resolution to the situation, with the yacht being located off Pemba, which had been delayed after suffering technical difficulties.

The French Navy is strongly involved in the fight against piracy. Four navy ships are currently part of Operation Atalanta: the replenishment ship MARNE, the Helicopter Carrier DIXMUDE, and the frigates ACONIT and GEORGES LEYGUES.

In addition, naval forces stationed in La Réunion contribute to the protection of the southern part of the Indian Ocean. These maritime standing forces are composed of:

2 Frigates (NIVOSE and FLOREAL)
1 Offshore patrol vessel (ALBATROS)
1 Landing ship (LA GRANDIERE)
1 Patrol boat (LE MALIN)

Every day, 1 or 2 French vessels from La Réunion standing naval forces are directly dedicated to the maritime security of the southern part of the Indian Ocean.

The surveillance frigate NIVOSE

publie le 24/04/2012

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