The Glenwood Restaurant

The Good France event at Glenwood will start on the 21st of March (lunch and dinner) running to Sunday the 25th of March (lunch only).

The Chef

Adam Robinson (owner and chef).


The Menu

On arrival

Olives and Bakery bread with anchovy butter
(Olives et du pain de la maison avec du beurre d’anchois)


Deep fried courgette flowers stuffed with house made ricotta
(Fleur de courgette farci au fromage)


Steamed oysters with tomato and tarragon butter
(Huitres a la vapeur, beurre de tomate et l’estragon)


Impala stew braised in red wine with mash
(Civet de chevreuil “Grandmere”)


Open ravioli with ratatouille and basil butter
(Pate fraîche a la ratatouille et du beurre de basilic)


Local farmhouse cheeses with Bakery walnut and raisin sourdough
(Plateau de fromage fermiers servi avec notre pain de noyer et raisin)


Choux pastry fritters with ginger ice cream and hot chocolate sauce
(Biegnets soufflés avec sauce de chocolat chaud et dela crème glacée de gingembre)


Plum and almond tart with vanilla ice cream
(Tarte aux pruneaux et amandes avec glace a la vanille)


Coffee and petits fours
(Café et petits fours)

*From our bakery, The Glenwood Bakery
*De notre boulangerie, The Glenwood Bakery

What is your link with French cuisine ?

Adam Robinson’s training is largely French – either in France or in England under s=chefs cooking mostly French food. His first instruction came mostly from Alastair Little, from L’Escargot in Soho, where he eventually took over as head chef from Little at his restaurant, ‘192’. During the years working as head chef in ‘192’, he spent all his money eating in good restaurants and doing stints of learning, in England and in France, with people such as Mouilleron, William Black and the Roux brothers.

Why did you choose to participate in Good France ?

Because it has the sort of cultural focus we like - unlike most food expositions or competitions which are driven by brand names and other commercial entities.

Address: 113 Brand Road, Glenwood, Durban. Booking number (also accepts WhatsApps): 0826179768. Email address:

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