Product Lifecycle Management Competency Centre (PLMCC)

The Product Lifecycle Management Competency Centre (PLMCC) at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology

The PLMCC is a Franco-South African training centre that opened in 2012. It aims to train engineers to be immediately operational upon entry into industries and laboratories after graduation.

Based on the three-dimensional modelling software suite developed by Dassault Systèmes, the training offers students in-depth knowledge of the global standards for the development of new products in many industrial fields.

The centres act as prominent anchoring points for the development of clusters in the areas of research, innovation and more generally, heightened public interest. Moreover, it aims to equip historically disadvantaged students with intensive practical- as well as sound theoretical knowledge of subject matter through access to innovative technologies and internationally competitive training programmes.

Located at CPUT, in the same building as the fully functional Franco-South African Institute of Technology (F’SATI), the PLMCC is directed by Stéphane Bouyé as provisioned by the French Ministry of Education & Research.

This training centre is designed to be a platform available to all the departments of the resident university, facilitating the implementation of new Franco-South African research collaborations, particularly in partnership with the F’SATI.

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publie le 09/11/2015

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