The honorary consul of France in Lesotho [fr]

What is an honorary consul?

Honorary consuls are volunteers nominated for a 5-year period that can be renewed and are essential bridges for the consulate. They are carrying out their representative duties locally as well as provide a global support mission to France’s diplomatic, cultural and economic action.
Close to the French local communities, they play a listening role and partly deal with the civil registration of French citizens. Their analysis regarding security issues and their intervention when French citizens are facing difficulties reinforces the protection and information system within the whole territory.

They represent the Consul of France in terms of protocol, support the actions lead by the Embassy of France or the Consulate promoting France in all its aspects as well as French cooperation, give information to people willing to know more about France and French administration,…

In terms of consular issues, an order by the ministry of foreign affairs determines for each of them the list of the formalities and administrative documents they are authorized to do or accomplish (legalizations, proxies, certifications on the behalf of French administrations, maritime affairs, etc.).

BE AWARE THAT: an honorary consul has limited competencies compared to the consulate’s.

The French honorary consul in Lesotho

The current French honorary consul in Lesotho is also the director of the Alliance Française of Maseru, Ms Jennifer AUDEBERT. She is also in charge of the security for the area.

Telephone: (+266) 2232 5722 (Alliance française of Maseru) or (+266) 59750598
Emergency number: (+266) 5885 1506

Email address:

Administrative formalities that can be done by the honorary consul in Maseru / formalities within the responsibility of the consulate of France in Johannesburg

The honorary consul of France in Lesotho is empowered to:

  • deliver life certificates
  • deliver of residency certificates
  • certificate a document as a true copy of the original
  • enable French citizens to nominate a proxy for elections

For any other formality, French citizens living in Lesotho will have to contact the Consulate of France in Johannesburg, specifying their place of residence.

publie le 09/11/2021

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