The partnership KwaZuluLoire strengthens

Seven pupils, from seven high schools from the Academie de Nantes (the regional authority for education), visited KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, from 1 to 15 May 2016.


The aim of the visit was for these young “ambassadors”, who have been selected according to their civic and social skills, to promote their school and the Academie de Nantes in South Africa. Once back to France, they shared their experience with their classmates.

The pupils were accompanied by Mrs Brugnot, coordinator of the project, and two professors from the Academie de Nantes.

Mrs Lenka Giraud, a lecturer from the Academie de Nantes delegated by the Academie to teach French at Eden College in Durban since January 2016, was in charge of preparing their arrival.

Initiated and financed by the Délégation Académique aux Relations Européennes et Internationales et à la Coopération (Academic Delegation to European and International Relations and to Cooperation) (DARIEC), this project enabled the pupils, for the second consecutive year, to have a wonderful experience.

The exchanges between the schools, which started in 2011, were made official in 2014 when M. Marois, Rector of the Academie de Nantes, and Mrs Heather Peel, who represented the French Teacher Association, signed an agreement. This partnership, called ‘KwaZuluLoire’ (KZL), includes 10 establishments in France and 10 in South Africa.


The pupils and teachers, brilliant ambassadors of this partnership, worked to strengthen the links between the schools of the KZL network.

Mrs Brugnot, who visited all the South-African schools while in South Africa, received positive answers to the invitation of the education authority (rectorat) for 2017. April 2017 might be South-African month in the schools of the Academie de Nantes!

publie le 31/05/2016

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