Theology scholarships programme to study in France [fr]

The Theology Scholarship Programme is intended for students wanting to study theology at French higher education institutions. The Programme offers scholarships to French-speaking students, first and foremost to members of religious orders and the clergy, at the Master and Doctorate levels (possibly at Bachelor level by special dispensation when the applicant comes from a country lacking the necessary local infrastructure).

The 2019 Scholarship Program for Religious Sciences is open to future religious officials who at some point may perform duties in a religious institution and to students who would like to study human sciences related to religious sciences.
Two types of scholarships exist: long-term scholarships (18 to 36 months) and short-term scholarships (up to 18 months).

Applications must be submited before 3 May 2019.

For more information, please consult the following document (in French):

PDF - 98.5 kb
(PDF - 98.5 kb)

To apply, please send an email to the University cooperation Officer:

publie le 01/03/2019

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