Two South-african trainees in France as part of the F’SAGRI – INRA cooperation [fr]

Since 2016, the French-South African Institute of Agriculture (F’SAGRI) and INRA (French National Institute of Agricultural Research) have collaborated to evaluate the nutritional value of the Moringa leaf. Thanks to a French Embassy scholarship, two students from Fort Hare University spent two months in a French laboratory.


Fort Hare University recently conducted research on the leaves of Moringa Oleifera, a plant native to northern India. It has been shown that those leaves, added to the feeding of livestock, increase the nutritional quality of the meat. It could therefore be an alternative source of protein. To evaluate the nutritional value of this plant for human nutrition, preclinical and clinical studies remain to be conducted.

Through its scholarship system, the French Embassy in South Africa provided funding for the stay of two South African students from Fort Hare University. During their two-month internship at the Human Nutrition Laboratory (a joint research unit INRA-University of Clermont Auvergne), they carried out their work on the biological activity of the Moringa Oleifera.

This collaboration illustrates the dynamism of cooperation between South Africa and France and the common desire to enhance training and research in agriculture in previously disadvantaged universities.

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publie le 03/07/2018

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