Valentine’s Day Menu: the recipes [fr]

The Embassy of France in South Africa is pleased to unveil the menu especially prepared by Chef André Ahiba for Valentine’s Day!

Entrée: Roast langoustine & Clamart artichoke


Ingredients: 6 langoustines (3 per person) / 2 artichoke hearts (if fresh, you’ll have to cook them before) / peas - 450gr / 1 medium-size potato / butter - 20gr / 1/2 cup of pesto / olive oil - 2 tablespoons / salt and pepper


1- Cook the peas in boiling and salted water.
2- Cook and peel the potato, add the butter.
3- Smash the potato and the peas together, then stuff the artichokes with the mixture. Keep in a warm place.
4- Sear the langoustines with olive oil, add salt and pepper.
5- Blend the basil pesto.
6- Arrange the stuff artichoke on a plate, with the langoustines around and draw a line with the pesto using a tablespoon.


Main course: Seared veal fillet mignon with green olives


Ingredients: Veal fillet mignon – 250g / 2 medium-size diced carrots / 1 small diced onion / 3 medium-size potatoes / green olives – 30g / white veal stock – 50 ml / butter – 25g / olive oil – 2 tablespoons / salt and pepper


1- Cut the fillet in two.
2- Heat a pan with half of olive oil and add the veal pieces.
3- Add salt and pepper and cook the meat for 1 minute on each side.
4- Cook in a warm oven (120°c) for 40 minutes.
5- Meanwhile, in the pan, add the onion and the diced carrot to the remaining oil.
6- Cook for 3 to 4 minutes and then add the stock
7- Reduce by ¼ and pour the sauce into a sauce pan. Add the butter and seasoning to taste.
8- In the pan, sauté the diced potatoes with the pitted olives.
9- Arrange the meat in a plate with the vegetables, pour the sauce over.


Dessert: "Crush", milk chocolate mousse, berries and syrup



Ingredients: 2 small egg whites / icing sugar – 100gr / sugar – 15gr / powdered almond – 65gr / cocoa powder – 1 spoon / berries – 200g

Preparation technique:

5- Mix the icing sugar and the powdered almond, then sieve the mixture to obtain a fine powder.
6- Beat the egg whites. When stiff peaks start to form, add the sugar.
7- With a spatula, delicately mix the 2 mixtures
8- On a baking mat or on a baking rack covered with baking paper, draw up 4 heart-shaped macaroons, leave them in a dry area for 20 to 30 minutes and then put them in an oven up to 100°C for 15 minutes.


Milk chocolate mousse

Ingredients: Cream – 125 gr / milk chocolate – 175gr / edible gelatine – 1 leaf (softened in cold water and well-stirred) / whipped cream – 100 gr


4- Finely chop the chocolate.
5- Bring the cream to boil, pour it on the chocolate, add the gelatine.
6- Leave to cool, then add the whipped cream.
7- Immediately lay out.


Assembly and Presentation

5- With a pastry bag, delicately pour the chocolate mousse on two of the macaroons.
6- Add a mix of berries.
7- Put the second macaroon on top and sprinkle with cocoa powder.
8- Arrange on a plate with berry syrup (made by cooking berry with sugar on a medium heat).

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