Vincent Mantsoe, dancer and choreographer presents “Konkoriti” in Durban and in Johannesburg

Vincent Mantsoe, dancer and choreographer presents “Konkoriti” in Durban Jomba Festival - 3rd and 4th September and in Johannesburg Wits Theatre, Moving into Dance and Dance Forum - 7th, 8th and 9th September 2016.


The French Institute in South Africa is proud to support Vincent Mantsoe’s new solo tour for his show "Konkoriti" in South Africa.

His solo "KonKoriti" refers to an ancient song about pride, arrogance, a state of being, the physical power and selfishness.

After a three-year absence from South African stages, Mantsoe returns with this acclaimed solo for a special series of performances and workshops. He will present his new creation at the Jomba Festival (Durban) on 3rd-4th September along with a workshop on 4th September. He will also perform in Johannesburg at the Wits Theatre on September 8th and then conduct master classes at Wits Theatre, Moving into Dance and Dance Forum on September 7th and 9th.

Vincent Sekwati Koko Mantsoe was raised in Soweto. He learned to dance through youth clubs, street dancing and music videos. He also participated in the traditional rituals involving song and dance that were practiced by his grandmother, mother and aunt who were Sangomas (traditional healers).

He is renowned for his unique version of Afro fusion or contemporary African dance. His work is strongly inspired by spirituality and the cultural influences of African, Aboriginal Australian, Asian, contemporary and ballet traditions.

Vincent Mantsoe has toured internationally. He won the first prize L’Audace Artistique and Culturelle 2015 in France, presented by French President François Hollande. "KonKoriti" recently premiered in France and Germany in June 2016.

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Source : French Institute in South Africa

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