"Welcome to France" website launch [fr]

Developed by the agency "Business France", the website "Welcome to France, helping you to settle in", is a platform for welcoming international talent in France.


This new service for welcoming international talent consists of:

  • a website, www.welcometofrance.com, which acts as a unique resource center to inform and guide candidates for expatriation in France as well as their families. The website enables visitors to see the various formalities required before moving to France and during the year they set up home in the country, via a customised online "walk-through".
  • and an online Service:
    Potential expatriation candidates to France can contact the Welcome Office’s mobility specialists with any questions at any time via an online request form. They will receive a reply within three working days.

This platform joins all the measures designed to promote France’s economic attractiveness to individuals (changes in the tax regime of inpatriates) and foreign companies (more robust Competitiveness and Employment Tax Credit, gradual reduction in the corporation tax rate to 28%, in line with the European average, creation of the SME innovation account, etc.).

Log onto welcometofrance.com to learn more and watch the video to do a first tour of this new service:

For more information, click here.

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publie le 15/03/2017

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