Who is Chef Vincent Lucas ?


Born in Nice in 1973, Vincent Lucas chose to become a chef to give sense and meaning to his life and to fulfill his passion.

Vincent’s cuisine reflects the influences of his culinary journey, from Monaco to Paris, from Oxford to St Barthélémy.

«My preferences are spices, seeds, sweet–sour and mixes between land and sea. It is a contrast between simplicity and complexity, with multiple alliances of distinct flavors.
My culinary philosophy doesn’t change with time but adjusts to the trends and time.»

«I have never been in South Africa before but I am drawn to this country. I think what I am attracted to is the cultural differences you can feel, that I wish to understand and learn more about compassion and kindness. This trip is a beautiful opportunity for sharing my passion for French cuisine.»

Chef Vincent Lucas will be in Pretoria on 6 March 2018 for the launch of Goût de France/Good France and will return at the end of March to cook the Good France dinner at the French Residence and for the Four Seasons in Johannesburg.

publie le 16/02/2018

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