Who is Sommelier Philippe Faure-Brac ?

Best World Sommelier Rio 1992

Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best Worker in France) Causa 2015

Best Sommelier in France 1988

Best Young Sommelier in France 1984

«I am very pleased to return to South Africa, a country that I discovered a long time ago thanks to my French sommelier friends who live in Cape Town. This experience made me appreciate the quality of South African wine and their love of gastronomy.»


Born in Marseille in 1960, his family is from Briançon in Hautes-Alpes. Philippe Faure-Brac studied at hotel schools in Sisteron, Grenoble and Nice where he discovered his passion for wine. Every day since, he learnt wine history in every region, every grape variety (“cépage”), the art of tasting and talking about wine.

After experiences in restaurants in Paris, he decided at the age of 24 to open his own place called le Bistrot du Sommelier. Since the opening, the wine restaurant has been a success. Clients can get good wines with good advice in a warm atmosphere.


In 1992, he won the gold award at the 7th World Sommelier Competition in Rio, Brazil. He represented France in competition with 35 candidates from 20 others countries.
In April 2015, he received in la Sorbonne (Paris) the Honoris Causa award at the prestigious Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best Worker in France) competition, held every four years.

Philippe Faure-Brac also selected the wines from 1998 to 2005 for le Concorde, a British-French turbojet-powered supersonic passenger airliner. At the same time he organised many tasting events in his restaurant, around France and the world.
In 2015, he organised the wine menus for the “Café des Chefs” restaurant at the Universal Exhibition in Milan, from 1 May to 31 October.

Philippe Faure-Brac participates in shows on many French radios and has written several articles about wine in French magazines. He is also the author of 11 books such as VINITOUR, le jeu sur la route des vins de France (2014) and Tout sur le Vin (2012).

His professional choices led him to become the President of the French Association of Sommellerie (U.D.S.F.) in 2016, as well as the founder and President of the Sommellerie section of the M.O.F. Competition since 2000. Philippe Faure-Brac is also delegate to the International Sommellerie Association since 2003.

Philippe Faure-Brac will be in Pretoria on 6 March 2018 for the launch of Goût de France/Good France.

publie le 19/02/2018

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